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Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR0289

Price: $ 3,759.00$ 3,195.15



The ultra pure water production system in micro format MicroPure YR0289. Compact, with excellent quality and economical.

Everything you need in most laboratories!

Many laboratories consume only a few liters of ultrapure water per day, in multiple applications:

  • HPLC analysis
  • Advanced instrumental analysis
  • Preparation of samples
  • Molecular biology requiring the absence of endotoxins and nucleases.

Why buy and store costly ultra-pure water (especially when it is known that after several samplings in the bottle, the quality of this water no longer meets the required requirements), while the MicroPure YR0289 makes it possible to obtain demand ultra pure water of professional quality? In addition, the requirements for ultra pure water quality are not identical!

The quality 18,2 MΩxcm!

Ultra pure water is water that generally meets only four criteria:

  • Resistivity in MΩ × cm: 18.2
  • TOC value: max. 10 ppb
  • Bacteriological content in CFU / ml: <1
  • Particle content> 0.22 μm / ml: <1

MicroPure YR0289 goes further.

Provides ultra pure water with the right quality for your application!

Always fresh, for punctual needs and in the most economical way.

In addition, the systems are very simple to modulate, so you will always have the option of adding or removing an option (ultrafiltration and UV lamp) if your needs in ultra pure water quality evolve.

What distinguishes it from the preparation of ultrapure water from pretreated, distilled or desalinated water:

  • Powerful and economical!
  • Ultrapure Water Quality 18.2 MΩxcm
  • TOC 1-5 ppb (with UV oxidation)
  • Flow rate 1.5 l / min
  • Sterile ultrapure water intake
  • Conductivity measurement of feed water and ultrapure water.
  • Integrated pressure reduction.
  • Disinfection module.
  • Automatic recirculation.
  • Appliance for table or alternatively for wall.
  • Optionally with integrated water tank of 6 liters (Order No. with addition of -ST) for filling with distilled water.
  • Also available in UV, UF, UV / UF

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