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Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR0290

Price: $ 4,766.53$ 4,051.55


 You will be able to transform the network water instantaneously into ultra-pure ASTM I and ASTM II water.

All in one! the Smart2Pure YR0290 system is a compact device that produces 3 or 6 liters of ultrapure water per hour. The 6 liter integrated reservoir has a tapered bottom for complete drainage, a sterile vent filter and a discharge pump for feeding downstream devices (eg autoclaves, analyzers). A flexible dispenser with a sterile membrane can be connected to the reservoir.

The Smart2Pure YR0290 system is a compact, aesthetic device that will quickly find its way into your lab.

For smaller quantities. But highest quality!

Ultrapure water type ASTM II.

Application examples: for molecular biology and microbiology, PCR, anorganic and organic elements for HPCL, ICP, AAS, TOC analysis, cell culture media.


Pure water type ASTM II.

Application examples: for pure water type ASTM II.

Other examples: for laboratory vessel washing, preparation and dilution of buffers, reagents, tissue culture media and coloring matters sample preparation for analytical methods such as flame AAS.

Ultrapure water on demand! Install, connect – ready