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Ultra Low Freezer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR-962


Secure the samples you need to store in ultra-low temperature freezers. Kalstein products offers the perfect combination of trust, cost-effective performance and most important: quality. We present to you the Ultra Low Freezer  YR-962, the high performance freezing devices you must have in your laboratory.


Ultra low temperature freezers

There are some general specs to be familiar with, so that you know that you can rely on these products. First, get to know the YR-962 model. Its dimensions are 930*1041*1947 (WxDxH) in the outer body, the inner part measures 585*696*1266 (WxDxH). The input power of this ultra low freezeris 1050W. The storage temperature ranges from - 10 ~ -86 degrees Celsius and it weights 283Kg.


Control system

There is a 7-inch touch screen controller available for both models to adjust the ultra low freezer’s thermometer from 40 to -86 degrees Celsius with a controlling precision of 1 degree Celsius manages the system.  They also have a keyboard lock that you can use with a password protected configuration page, a delayed start and a safe stop interval between restart and the ending cycle. Both models have an audible and visual alarm, which triggers in case of high or low temperature situations, power failure, low battery, door open, filter blocking and a system failure. You can definitely rely on these ultra low freezers to store your delicate samples.


Structure Design

Stainless steel is the lead material in these freezers. We believe that comfort is an important factor that is why there are four casters, so that the freezers can be very easy to handle. They also have a front opening lockable door with a new ingenious handle with an easy open and close function. It is important to know that these freezers also have a vacuum release port. The shelves’ material is also stainless steel with inner insulation doors and a double silicon gasket seal. The insulation is the best: two-time foaming technology with 120mm of foaming insulation and VIP insulation board. There is also USB store functions and you have the option to have a chart recorder, a CO2 back up system, storage rack or boxes and a remote alarm system.


Ultra low freezer thermometer

These ultra low temperature freezers run with the imported famous brand compressor, which lowers the noise and reduces the power consumption.

Control System:

7inch touch screen controller, -40°C to -86°C adjustable, controlling precision is 1°C.

Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, Delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated.

Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Low battery alarm, Door open alarm, Filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm.


Structure Design:

Stainless steel interior, Outer is painted steel panel, 4units Casters for easy handing.

Front opening lockable door with newingenioushandle, easy open and close.

Vacuum release port.

Adjustable stainless steel shelves with inner insulation doors, double silicon gasket seal.

Two-times foaming technology. 120mm foaming insulation , with VIP insulation board.

With USB store functions.

Optional: Chart recorder, CO2 back up system, storage racks/boxes, Remote alarm system.


Refrigeration System:

Imported famous brand compressor, Lower the noise and reduce the power consumption.


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