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YR(X) Series Fume Hood without base stand 220V

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Model: YR0100

Price: $ 3,690.00$ 3,320.93


hen performing general chemical applications, it is important to have the right fume hood in order to protect the lab technician from inhaling toxic vapors. Often, people tend to confuse a biosafety cabinet with a fume hood. There is to say that they are different devices, because these devices utilize particulate filters, which do not remove chemical vapors, and they should not be working with any kind of chemicals.


Fume Hood function

A fume hood is a ventilation system that exhausts chemical fumes, vapors, gasses, dust mist and aerosol. They serve as physical barriers between reactions and the laboratory operator, offering a great protection against any inhalation exposure, chemical spills, run-away reactions and fires. These devices have a box-like structure with a moveable sash window. An extract blower and ductwork constantly and safely ventilate these devices’ hood. Fume Hoods are used to protect lab environment and operator during general chemical applications. By installing proper filter, it can also protect the environment.


Laboratory fume hood

The way a fume hood functions is by maintaining a relatively negative pressure in the hood interior to prevent any contamination from escaping while drawing air in through the hood opening at a consistent rate.  There are some recommendations to keep in mind when it comes to handling a fume hood:

  • Do not put your head in the hood when contaminants are being generated.
  • Minimize foot traffic by the face of the hood. Do not make fast movements when taking items in and out of the hood.
  • Keep the hood sash closed as much as possible.
  • Do not use the hood as a waste disposal mechanism. Solvent bottles in the fume hood must be capped when not in use.


Fume Hood specifications

This fume hood model has specific features that makes them the ideal device to have in your laboratory. It has an LED screen that displays airflow level. In addition, it has water tap and water sink. Moreover, this model has a foot switch, an observation window and a backside air compensation.  The measurements for this fume hood YR0100 model are 1000 mm x 840 mm x 2150 mm on the external size and 880 mm x 730 mm x 745 mm on the internal size. 

Fume Hood is used to protect lab environment and operator during general chemical applications .It actively protects operator from inhaling toxic vapors and dramatically reduces the risk of fire and explosion. By installing proper filter, it can also protect environment.



  • UV Lamp for sterilization.
  • Motorized front glass window.
  • Adjustable air speed: 9 levels.
  • Alarm when filter working time 3500 hours.
  • With air velocity memory function in case of power failure.
  • Back side air compensation, to avoid turbulence in work area.
  • 10°slope front ergonomics design, fatigue-free working posture.
  • Microprocessor control system, LED display.
  • Transparent side glass windows maximize light and visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright and open working environment.


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