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Transfer Pipette 23ml Capacity - Large Bulb

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1149


One of the most common tools and devices inside any lab is the pipette. This is a lab tool, commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser. There are several designs and purposes with different levels of accuracy and precision. You need to choose the one that fits the best way possible your needs and lab researches or samples.

This kind is the most basic pipette in the area. You can use it for rough measurements only; however, it is still very important that you follow a standard pipetting technique no matter what measurement pipette you are using. This is a single piece plastic pipette, and its bulb can serve as the liquid-holding chamber. In this case, we are presenting you the 23 ml capacity with a large bulb.


Transfer pipette function

Pipettes are used in several the science field, usually when you need to transfer less than 100 milliliters of a solution. About the functions, it is recommended that the user aspirates the liquid at a 90 degree angle, dispense at a 45 degree angle and touch off to make sure all the liquid is dispensed. These recommendations are a very important advice to follow to ensure the precision in your sample testing; this way guarantees less mistakes in the results, making them more reliable. The uses ranges from general purpose to sensitive lab research.

Pipettes require cleaning after every use to prevent contamination and ensure delivery of the right amount during its next use. You and your lab’s personnel need to be very aware of these details.  That is why we recommend you to clean the pipettes with distilled water repeatedly and then rinse the entire pipette in distilled water, before returning it for use.

The pipette we are presenting to you has a 23 ml capacity. The total length of the transfer pipette is 300mm. The stem diameter is 9.0mm. This is a large bulb transfer pipette so the bulb draw is 10 ml. Finally, the dropper/ml is 22. The bulb’s measurements are a very important detail, because this part of the pipette works as a deposit. Finally, another important thing you should know about the packaging is that the transfer pipettes can come as 100 units per box and 600 per case, this category is the non-sterile type.

  • Capacity:23ml
  • Total Length: 300mm
  • Dropper/ml: 22
  • Stem Diameter: 9.0mm
  • Bulb Draw:10ml

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Transfer Pipette 23ml Capacity - Large Bulb