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Beaker 6.5oz 180ml

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1079


Having the right items inside your laboratory is a very important factor. A complete stock of lab ware is one of the things that will guarantee you successful and reliable results. In this case, we are presenting you with a beaker, which is a container manufactured for stirring, mixing and heating liquids inside any kind of laboratory. On a general basis, these instruments come in a cylindrical shape with a flat bottom and a small bout to pour things down on a recipient.


Polypropylene beaker

Having a beaker in your laboratory can help you with different kinds of processes. For example, you can use it to preserve a small chemical reaction. You should also know that because of their optimum balance between thermal resistance and mechanical strength due to controlled wall thickness at sides, radius and bottom, they are widely used in research, industry and education.

These beaker models we are offering you can be manufactured from two different materials. One of them is virgin polystyrene, being this a suitable material for all kinds of thermoformed packaging, providing the necessary safety. On the other hand, you can also choose your beakers to be manufactured from polypropylene, which is a very common material in industrial applications due to its unique properties and ability to adapt, especially in the packaging area.

Another important feature you should know about this beaker model, is that it comes with a pour spout with a wide-mouth design, making it ideal for fast and easy urine collection process. In addition, since we know how important identifying you containers is, this model has graduations in ml and oz. These graduations are molded in the internal part of the beaker so that it is easier to read.  Moreover, this beaker model is 6.5 oz or 180 ml, making it ideal with a suitable compact size for storage.


Laboratory beaker

You should know that despite this beaker model has molded graduations, this instrument is most commonly used for rough measurements. One of the best advantages is that its flat bottom allows you the chance to place them in any surface including a cooling plate or your work area. Another important thing you should know is that this beaker model is available with or without a paper lid; you just have to make the choice.

  • Manufactured In choice of virgin polystyrene and polypropylene
  • This 6.5 oz beaker style collection cup comes with a pour spout and the wide-mouth design is ideal for fast and easy urine collection Process
  • Graduations in ml and fl. oz are moulded on the internal for easy reading
  • Great compact size for storage
  • Available in choice of with or without paper lid


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Beaker 6.5oz 180ml