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Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Model: YR-0156

Price: $ 2,593.13$ 2,204.16



 We know the importance of freezers and refrigerator in any laboratory. So having a combined refrigerator and freezer is necessary in your lab.  This is why we present you with the model YR-0156 with an important capacity in volume and some great specs in the tech details department.


Medical refrigerator and freezer

This medical refrigerator and freezer model YR-0156, has an effective capacity of 253 liters, which divides in two. The refrigerator room has a capacity of 154 liters and the freezer room has a capacity of 99 liters. This refrigerator and freezer temperature ranges from + 2°C to +8°C in the up room. The down room has a -10°C to -40°C. In addition, the total weight of this device is 92Kg.


Refrigerator and freezer settings

The YR-0156 model has a microprocessor temperature controller, which makes the temperature range between the values we have mentioned above and, as most of the refrigerators and freezers, the temperature, can be set freely. This is a high-end technology device with an LCD screen display to have a clearer look of the temperature’s information. About the alarms, this model has a perfect audible and visual alarm that triggers when there are problems with high or low temperature and/or system failure. The power supply is 220V / 50Hz in one phase and that can change to 220V 60Hz or 110V 50/60Hz.


Structure design

The physical design of this model is the upright type made from ABS material in the interior and the outer body is painted steel board. The door has a safety lock with a door handle. It also has a 4-unit caster so it is very easy to handle this device. In addition, there are three adjustable shelves in the up room, four-unit drawers inside in the plastic down chamber. To remember: The data logger is optional. 


Refrigeration and freezer temperature

There is more to know about the combined refrigeration and freezer settings. This model works with the international famous compressor and EBM fan motor. The refrigerant is R507, which works as a replacement of R-502 over the entire operating range. In addition, the refrigerant is CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) free, so it does not affect the environment.

This model has an ISO 9001 certificate, which determines the requirements for quality; ISO 14001, which means that this combined refrigerator and freezer meets up the environmental standards; and finally ISO 13485 that guarantees the quality in medical devices. 


Model: YR-0156

Effective capacity: 253Liters.

(Refrigerator room 154liters, Freezer room 99liters).

Temperature range: Up room: +2°C to +8°C.

Down room: -10°C to -40°C.

Weight (kgs): 92.


Control System:

Microprocessor temperature controller, Temperature range: up room from 2°C~8°C, down chamber from -10°C to -40°C, can be set freely. LCD display, to make clear the temperature information.

Perfect audible/visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, system failure alarm.

Power supply: 220V /50Hz 1 phase, can be changed as 220V 60HZ or 110V  50/60HZ.


Structure Design:

Upright type, ABS material interior, Outer body is painted steel board.

the safety lock on the door, with door handle.

4 units Caster provided for easy handing.

3 shelves adjustable up room, 4units drawers inside down chamber made of plastic inside.





Refrigeration System:

The international famous compressor and EBM fan motor.

Refrigerant as R507, CFC free.

Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485.