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Direct Pure GENIE system for ultra-pure water ASTM 1 and 2 (up to 200 L/day)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR46-4-1


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



The Direct Pure GENIE is a complete system of production of ASTM 1 and 2 ultra-pure water, up to 200 L/day, from raw water. The ultra-pure water produced meets the most rigorous requirements of the laboratory, from the preparation of samples to the rinsing of high-sensitivity bottles, as well as advanced analyzes (ASA, HPLC, ICP, GC, AOX, OCD).

It includes an internal pressure reducer, a reverse osmosis module, a pretreatment pack, an electro-deionization demineralization stage and a polishing pack for the production of ASTM1 ultra-pure water available on the distributing arm included . A recirculation system ensures optimum water quality at all times. An ASTM 2 water distribution point is also available on the front.

It is supplied complete with packs, a three-filter crankcase for external pre-treatment, a 30-liter tank with level measurement and CO2 absorbent filter, a 0.2 μm sterile filter, a battery leak detector and remote distribution.

The Direct Pure Genie is available in 3 versions: production capacity ranging from 5 to 15L/h, the double wavelength UV lamp and the remote arm are included on all 3 versions.


Features of the ultra-pure water system

  • The system integrates the best Siemens EDI module in its class for high-quality water at an affordable price.
  • Supplied as standard with a 30L reservoir (also available in 60L and optional UV module), a level sensor and a sterile vented filter with CO2 absorbent to avoid contamination of water purified by dioxide of carbon.
  • The state of the system and the quality parameters are clearly displayed on a very easy-to-use LCD screen.
  • Automatic RO membrane flushing system to prevent the development of germs and other microorganisms and thus guarantee a maximum lifetime.

Genie Water System Set

Package includes:

  • The main system
  • RephiDuo P Pack
  • RephiDuo U Pack with a 0.22um final Filter
  • Remote Dispenser for Ultrapure Water
  • 30 Liter PE Tank with liqwuid level sensor
  • Tank Vent Filter with CO2 scavenger
  • Prefiltration kit (3-stage)
  • UV Lamp, Duel Wavelength 185/254nm(pre-install)
  • UV Lamp 254 nm  (pre-install)
  •  Leak protector


Parameters by Model

Direct Pure GENIE system for ultra-pure water ASTM 1 and 2