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Pure Direct EDI high purity ASTM 2 water system (up to 250 L/day)

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR46-2-1


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Pure Direct EDI is a high purity ASTM 2 water system up to 250 L / day of raw water.

The produced ultra-pure water exceeds in quality standards, such as distilled or even bi-distilled water.

It includes an internal pressure reducer, a pre-treatment package, a reverse osmosis module, an electro-deionization deionization stage, which allows the production of high quality water at reduced costs.

Comes complete with its package, a three-filter crankcase, external pre-treatment, a 30L tank with level measurement and CO2 absorbing ventilation, a 0.2μm sterile capsule filter and a leak detector battery.

Direct Pure EDI is available in 9 versions: production capacity from 5 to 15L / h, with or without dual wavelength UV lamp, and with or without remote distribution arm.


Features of the High Purity Water System

  • The system integrates the best Siemens EDI module in its class, to obtain high quality water at an affordable price.
  • The system status and quality parameters are clearly displayed on a large, very simple and easy to use LCD display.
  • Automatic discharge system of RO membrane to avoid the development of germs and other microorganisms and thus guarantee a maximum useful life.
  • It is available in one version, with dispensing arm and extraction volume programming.
  • Supplied as standard with a 30L tank (also available in 60L and optional UV module), a level sensor and a sterile ventilated filter with CO2 absorbent to avoid contamination of purified water by carbon dioxide.

EDI System Set

Package includes:

  •  Main system
  •  Dispenser (optional)
  •  Prefiltration kit (3-stage)
  •  RO membrane (preinstalled)
  •  RR300CP01 Safeguard  cartridge
  •  30 L PE water tank with level sensor
  •  Tank vent filter with CO2 scavenger
  •  UV lamp (for UV models, preinstalled)
  •  Leak Protector


Parameters by Model

Pure Direct EDI high purity ASTM 2 water system