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Pipettes sérologiques, polystyrène, rayonnement gamma

Fabricant: Kalstein
Certification Européenne
Modèle YR1110

Prix: $ 137.30


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Many items are an important part of an inventory in a lab. Without them, testing samples and working in any medical environment would not be impossible. Kalstein products is offering you the possibility of having the high-end tools and products for your laboratory, so that you can rely and trust that the work you are doing, is the best.


Serological pipettes

One of the most common tools and devices inside any lab is the pipette. This is a lab tool, commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser. There are several designs and purposes with different levels of accuracy and precision.


Serological pipettes function

Serological pipette’s function in a lab is to transfer milliliter volumes of liquid, from less than 1ml up to 50ml. Among the uses, we can find mixing chemical solutions or cell suspensions, transferring liquids between receptacles, or carefully layering reagents of different densities. The model we are offering to you is a virgin polystyrene’s serological pipette, a suitable material for all kinds of thermoformed packaging, providing the necessary safety for any containers and that is ideal for accurate liquid transfer or mix.

The models we have available for you are capacity of 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10.0, 25.0 and 50.0ml. The 1ml, 2ml and 5ml are a one-piece construction and the 10ml, 25ml and 50ml pipettes have a durable ultrasonically welded 3-piece construction.

About the sterility, these serological Pipets come sterilized with gamma radiation and they are available with a bulk package or in a paper or plastic bag. The inner packaging is labelled individually with Lot-to-Lot traceability.


Serological pipettes accuracy

The clear black printing on the tubes are a great guarantee of a maximum accuracy of ±2%. One of the different benefits about these serological pipettes is that they have descending and ascending graduations to help pipetting and negative graduations for extra capacity.
These models have a management system EN ISO13485 with SOPs and 100,000-grade clean-room guarantee quality.

Another great feature is that they are color coded according to the international standards, that way it simplifies the storing inside the lab. The colors they come in are yellow, green, blue, red purple and black.

  • Fabriqués en polystyrène vierge sont idéaux pour un transfert ou un mélange précis de liquide.
  • Système de gestion EN ISO13485 avec SOP et qualité de garantie de salle de 100 000 degrés.
  • Disponible avec une capacité de 6, 1,0, 2,0, 5,0, 10,0, 25,0 et 50,0 ml Les 1 ml, 2 ml  et 5 ml sont une construction monobloc et les pipettes de 10 ml, 25 ml et 50 ml sont fabriquées avec une construction durable en 3 pièces soudée par ultrasons.
  • L'impression en noir clair garantit une précision maximale de ± 2%.
  • Il bénéficie d'avoir des graduations descendantes et ascendantes pour aider au pipettage et aux graduations négatives pour une capacité supplémentaire.
  • Les pipettes sont codées par couleur selon les normes internationales pour simplifier l'identification.
  • Toutes les pipettes sont fournies avec un bouchon en coton pour une protection contre l'aspiration du liquide dans le dispositif de pipetage.
  • Les pipettes sérologiques sont dotés d'un rayonnement gamma, disponible avec un emballage en vrac ou dans un sac en papier / plastique. Les emballages intérieurs sont étiquetés individuellement avec la traçabilité Lot-to-Lot.


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Pipettes sérologiques