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Snap cap for urine tubes, with grip, polyethylene

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1191


Sample collection and transportation is a very important part of every-day basis in any laboratory. There are special samples and tests that need to be carefully performed, whether is for their delicacy or the importance of the results. These containers and tubes need to have an enclosed system that guarantees the operator’s health and safety. In this case, urine tubes have to be correctly covered and sealed, so that the operators do not have to get in touch with hazardous samples. It is very important to meet these standards so that your lab’s health personal do not get involved in unpleasant situations. 


Urine caps

Urine samples are a very common test in labs and they are meant to determine certain health conditions. The most commonly ordered laboratory test is urinalysis with culture and sensitivity. If a urine specimen is going to be sent for laboratory testing, it must be stored in appropriate conditions and transported properly to ensure the quality of the sample and reliable results.

In laboratories is very important to have the right material in hand so that the workflow functions correctly and any research or testing being done in your lab is reliable. It is also important to have good quality disposable lab material, including caps. In this case, we are presenting you with snap caps for urine tubes, one of the most common and hazardous samples inside any medical lab.

Flared-top urine sediment tubes, like the ones we offer, need to have the ideal snap cap. This model is the one that fits correctly to perfectly seal the tubes we are mentioning. About this caps, you should know that they have a lifting grip for easy opening. These are polyethylene caps, which means they are made from a thermoplastic polymer. This a material that can be heated to their melting point, cooled, and reheated again without any significant degradation. Being this a great and practical feature for this kind of products.

These are very light-weighted snap caps for urine tubes and their external diameter is 23 – 30 mm. The color they come in is natural and the packaging is 100 per zip bag and 4000 per case.  As a conclusion, these caps are your perfect choice for you and your company’s well-being. By purchasing these caps, you can stop worrying about your sample’s safety and reliability.

  • Ideal for sealing flared-top urine sediment tube.
  • Light-Weighted.
  • With a lifting grip for easy opening.
  • External diameter: 23-30mm.

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