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Rotary Microtome

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR420


In the everyday routine inside a laboratory, microscopic substances and samples are very common. Most of the time it is necessary to cut some of the samples in extremely thin slices of material, known as sections. In order to prepare a sample and to make those types of cuts, you must have a microtome, a very essential device in the microscopy field. Microtome use allows the preparation of samples for observation under transmitted light or electron radiation. 

Microtomy is a method for the preparation of thin sections for materials such as bones, minerals and teeth, and an alternative to electro polishing and ion milling. Microtome sections can be made thin enough to section a human hair across its breadth. You should know that the model we are offering you is a high-end device that will give you the results you need, in order to accomplish the exact sample cuts.


Rotary microtome

This is a very common microtome type. It operates with a staged rotary action such that the actual cutting is part of the rotary motion. In a rotary microtome, the knife is typically fixed in a horizontal position. This microtome is the perfect choice for you if what you are looking for is a standard rotary type.


Rotary microtome parts

Before you purchase a microtome, you should get familiar with its major parts. First, there is the microtome base plate or stage, where rails secure the knife. Second, there is the knife holder base. Then, there is the knife holder. In addition, there is the cassette clamp or block holder, which hold the paraffin block in place. Moreover, there is the coarse hand wheel and finally there is the micron adjustment.


Rotary microtome uses

The section thickness setting range is 1 -35 μm for continuous sectioning. You should know that the sectioning thickness can be set at any value >35 μm. The minimum setting of sectioning Thickness is 1μm with a precision Error of ±1?. The maximum Specimen Size is 60 × 40 mm. Moreover, the blade holder is capable of holding both high profile and low-profile blades.  The blade holder for disposable blade and blade holder for steel blade can be quickly exchanged. Finally, its dimensions are 420 × 330 × 330 mm (W×D×H) and its net weight is 19 kg.


Product Name: YR420 Rotary Microtome.

Product Categories: Microtome.


Major Technical Specifications

  • Section Thickness Setting Range: 1 -35μm for continuous sectioning.

The sectioning thickness can be set at any value >35μm

  • Minimum Setting of Sectioning Thickness: 1μm.
  • Precision Error: ±1?.
  • Maximum Specimen Size: 60×40 mm.
  • Blade holder is capable of holding both high-profile and low-profile blades.
  • Blade holder for disposable blade and blade holder for steel blade can be quickly exchanged.
  • Dimensions: 420×330×330mm (W×D×H).
  • Net weight: 19kg.