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Kalstein France SAS - Website Terms of Use

Please carefully read these terms of use. By accessing, visiting or using this website, you personally or in the name of any entity are a legal representative, agent or an employee acting in that legal capacity, accept being under the following terms and represent and guarantee that you have been authorized and linked. These terms are subject to change without notice. On the other hand, the continuous use of this website after the dispositions are modified constitutes your conformity with those dispositions as amendment. If you don’t agree with these terms of use, please, don’t log in, visit or use in any way this website or the information and materials in it.

1. Definition and general access rules

KALSTEIN France SAS or its affiliates entities and any other contractor or consultant (collectively KALSTEIN) are operating in the following website (the website) to provide information, education and communication to the scientific community as well to sell products and services to our clients. Our contact details are numbered in the website “Contact us”. [Certain sections or sites from this website has terms and conditions separated and or additional as our Privacy Statement and Terms and General Sale and lifetime Conditions]. Those terms and separate conditions are additions to these terms of use, which rule your access and use of this website, any material or information provided by you to KALSTEIN France SAS and from KALSTEIN to you about or from this website and any other correspondence via e-mail between us. In case of any conflict, the separated term and/or additional will prevail on these terms of use to those sections and pages.

By accessing and using our website you accept and agree with all of these terms and conditions (“Dispositions”) indicated below and all of the laws and international, national, federal, state and local regulations. If you do not agree with these terms of use, please do not use this website. KALSTEIN France SAS reserves its right to look for all available resources in law and equity in terms of use violation cases, including the right to block the access from a particular Internet address or website user.

Except for expressed disposition, the offered materials in this website do not constitute an offer or request to develop business in any jurisdiction. The people that access, visit or use this website have to know that their country’s legislation allows the access to that information or else they should abstain accessing this website.

Even though KALSTEIN France SAS could occasionally monitor or check group discussions, chats, posts, transmissions, newsletters that might be available in this website, KALSTEIN France SAS is not under any obligation of assuming any responsibility that might come up in the contents of those type of sites or by any mistake, defamation, false accusation, injury, omission, falseness, obscenity, pornography, desecration, danger or inaccuracy on any information o law violation posted on the website.

You are forbidden to post an entry or transmit through our website any illegal, inciter, threatening, slanderous, obscene, outrageous, incendiary, pornographic, or profane material, or responsible material of incite racial hate or trust abuse, abusing the privacy or by which you do not have all of the necessary licenses and/or approvals, or any material that can constitute or stimulate conducts that might be considered as a criminal offense, gives place to a civil responsibility or in any way violate any law or regulation or transgress a third-party’s right under your respective laws. KALSTEIN France SAS will cooperate with any law enforcement responsible authority or any court warrant, when a law makes it mandatory requiring or soliciting a KALSTEIN France SAS to reveal anyone’s identity that publishes or transmits such information or material.

If you are the one who thinks that any illegal material can be published and disclosed through our website or in general available on our website, please contact KALSTEIN France SAS in the mentioned address on the website "Contact us".

2. Absence of warranties and liability limitation

Not every product and services are available in every geographic area. Its eligibility to receive any product or service might be abide to the KALSTEIN France SAS approval or its subsidiary or affiliate office.

Meanwhile KALSTEIN France SAS makes a reasonable effort to provide reliable and convenient materials in this website, KALSTEIN France SAS does not guarantee or represent such reliability, precision, accuracy, utility, adaptation, integrity or applicability to any specific purpose of the included and referred materials in this website or its reliable sources. There may or may not be technical inaccuracies, any typos conteined in this website and KALSTEIN France SAS will correct such cases to its discretion as soon as they are discovered. KALSTEIN France SAS has no responsibility and doesn’t assume any responsibility whatever the reason might be, for mistakes or omissions in this website’s content, except when the damages are caused intentionally or due to a gross negligence from KALSTEIN France SAS.

Your use and access to this website is at your own risk. KALSTEIN France SAS and in any other part, or director, employees or agents involved in this website’s creation production or delivery, will not be responsible, whatever argument, for whatever the loss was or direct, indirect, incidental, resultant, punitive or special loss or harm that comes up from your access, visit or website use even when KALSTEIN France has warned you the possibility of such harm and they come up in harm (including negligence), contract or any other. None of these terms of use will exclude or limit KALSTEIN France SAS responsibility for fraud or for death caused by personal damaged intentionally provoked by KALSTEIN France SAS. There is no guarantee that your access or use of this website is uninterrupted or mistake free or any particular result obtained by the use of this website.

Without diminishing the previous statements, you acknowledge that you use and access this website without any kind of guarantee and any material that this website provides “as the way it is”. In full amplitude in the way the current law allows it, KALSTEIN FRANCE SAS expressly excludes all representation, responsibility, conditions and other explicit or implied terms, of any kind (including but not limiting any quality satisfaction condition, purpose adaptation and skill use and reasonable care) which might be implied or incorporated in these terms of use, whether is by a regulation, a law or others.

KALSTEIN France SAS does not assumes the responsibility either nor will be compromised to any kind of loss or harm caused by any virus that might infect your computer equipment or any other property due to your access or website use or by downloading any material, image, content, data, video or audio files from this website or any other website linked tours or from this website.

3. Copyrights

The included materials in this website are protected by the Intellectual Property Rights, which are claimed by KALSTEIN France SAS, its affiliates or by third-parties. These rights include but is not limited to any of the patents, logos, commercial names, inventions, copyrights (registered or without registration), design rights, data base or any other knowledge and any KALSTEIN France SAS property, its affiliates or third-parties, related with this website and the materials.
The materials cannot be used (except the ones established in these considerations or in this websites texts) without a written previous permission from KALSTEIN France SAS, its affiliates or owners of third-parties. Nothing from this website can be interpreted to be given to you, your agents or employees without any previous authorization by written to use the materials or the Intellectual Property Rights. However, in some section of this website you can download materials for non-commercial or personal use, given the fact that you retain and don’t alter any copyright or other property rights inside the material. KALSTEIN France SAS does not authorize you to distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, report, disassemble, reconstruct or use the materials and other contents from this website to public or commercial purposes, including text, images, audio and video. The unauthorized use of Intellectual Property Rights or any other content in this website is strictly forbidden.

KALSTEIN France SAS does not guarantee nor declare that the use of the content or included materials or viewed in this website wont transgress intellectual property and other third-party rights that are not owners or affiliates to KALSTEIN France SAS.

Please, take into account that KALSTEIN France SAS will aggressively apply its Intellectual Property Rights until the law allows it, including, where applicable judicial actions.

4. Export controls

The European Union, the United States and any applicable national export law forbids certain data and software export in some territories. Not a single content from this website can be downloaded or in another way exported in violation of these laws.

5. Linked websites

This website also has third-party’s published links to other websites. The links directed to this website could also include third-party’s websites. KALSTEIN France SAS hasn’t checked all of the linked websites towards or from the website and is not responsible or obligated for any sites contents outside the website’s pages or any other website that  doesn’t belong to KALSTEIN France SAS linked towards or from the website. KALSTEIN France SAS provides or allows such links as a convenience and it does not endorse the companies or websites from any of these linked websites. By creating a link to a third website or being a destination link from another website, KALSTEIN France SAS does not endorse or recommend any product or service offered by a third-party’s website nor KALSTEIN France SAS identifies with that website’s content. Neither KALSTEIN France SAS does any implied and explicit appreciation about the directly or indirectly found information in a third-party’s website despite the reliability and or honorability from any other person. The links you make towards or from any other website outside of our website pages and other sites are at your own risk.

If you think that a linked website has any illegal content, please contact KALSTEIN France SAS in the mentioned website “Contact us”.

6. Unauthorized log in or modification

The login and use of protected password and/or secure information areas from the website are restricted to only authorized users. Unauthorized individuals trying to have any access to this information or these website areas can be an object of a lawsuit in addition to any available amend for KALSTEIN France SAS by law or equity rules, including the suspension or the login termination. You will not personally use nor assist others to add, alter, replace or modify totally or partially any viewed information from KALSTEIN France SAS on the website or any function that this website runs. You can link from other websites to this websites home page. However, you must first obtain previous consent by written from KALSTEIN France SAS to do links to any of the other pages inside this website, either by a hypertext, deep links, framed, tagged or any other kind.

7. Cancelling and compensation

You agree that KALSTEIN France SAS can finish your login Access and use in this website in any time without previous notice, if it considers that you have violated any of the statements or any applicable law and regulation. You agree to compensate, defend, and exempt from all responsibility to KALSTEIN France SAS its managers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers and any other entity that provides information to this website from and against every loss, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable lawyer fees that may result from any violation that you have made from these Statements or the termination of KALSTEIN France SAS to your access or use to this website. The cancelling won’t affect any of your part’s rights or obligations that you have acquired before your account’s cancellation.

8. Changes and divisibility

If by any chance any of the statements are considered inapplicable, the rest of the Statements will still be in force and the inapplicable Statement’s disposition will be replaced by a Statement whose intention is according to the subjacent intention of the inapplicable Statement.

9. Miscellaneous

KALSTEIN France SAS lack of persistence to insist or reinforce the strict compliance of any Statement here will not be understood as a resignation to any Statement or right. Neither the conduct between the parts nor the commercial practices will act to modify any of the Statements’ stipulation. KALSTEIN France SAS can give your rights and obligations under these terms of use to a third-party in any time without any notice.

10. Regulating law and jurisdiction

These terms of use will be regulated and understood according to the European Union and the United States of America laws. Any legal action related to these terms of use or this website must be made within one (1) year after the claim or action cause comes up and it must be done at Montpellier city, without lessening KALSTEIN France SAS or the website’s user to make a lawsuit in a competent jurisdiction court.


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