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Trinocular Microscopes

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR0237

Price: $ 2,775.00


One of the most common and important devices inside any kind of laboratory is the microscope. This ancient instrument has become in a fundamental device to have in the biological and medical field. There are different types of microscopes and they divide in several classes depending on what interacts with the sample to generate the image or whether they analyze the sample via a scanning point or analyze the sample all at once. In this case, we are presenting you with a biological microscope. The item you need to have in your lab’s inventory.


Laboratory biological microscope

The objects and areas that the naked eye does not detect are microscopic items. The only way possible to detect them and study them is through a microscopy lens. In order to study and analyze a sample, you have to use these instruments. One of the most common types of microscopes is the optical one, and according to history it was the first invented.


Advanced biological microscope

Microscope technology has evolved with time. Nowadays you can view and analyze any kind of human and animal specimen in order to do a research or to teach about the biology field. The development of caused a revolution in the biology field, giving rise to the field of histology and so remains an essential technique in the life and physical sciences.


Biological microscope with digital eyepiece

This biological microscope YR0237 model is the ideal choice for you because of its ergonomic design. Comfort is a fundamental and important factor for viewing many slides throughout the day. This model has an excellent image quality with an infinitive optical system. Its ergonomic structure allows a comfortable operation. In addition, it has a better illumination with sliding-in center condenser and it has a convenient replacement with phase contrast and a dark field condenser. This biological microscope has an extra wide field eyepiece EW10X/20 with an optional Diopter Adjustment. In addition, it provides comfortable observation with eye point and it is interpupillary adjustable. Another great feature is that it has a handle for easy carrying and you can replace the lamp by removing the housing.

Among some of this biological microscope’s specifications, you can find that its viewing head is compensation-free with a 30° inclined Trinocular head and the interpupillary is 48 - 75 mm. In addition, its focusing is coaxial coarse & Fine Adjustment with a 20 mm moving range. Finally, its standard illumination is 6V/ 20W with a halogen lamp and its brightness is adjustable.



  • Excellent image quality with infinitive optical system.
  • Comfortable operating with ergonomic structure.
  • Better illumination with sliding-in centerable condenser, convenient replacement with phase contrast and dark field condenser.


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