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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR0094

Price: $ 11,409.75


A biosafety cabinet is an enclosed and ventilated workspace inside a laboratory, built to be able to handle pathogens contaminated materials requiring a specific biosafety level.


Biosafety cabinet classes

Class II provides two kinds of protection, to the user and to the product, because the makeup air is also HEPA filtered. There are several types of Class II biosafety cabinets. In this case, the model we are offering is the type B2 cabinet, which is useful in toxicology laboratories, where the ability to use hazardous chemistry is important.

These biosafety cabinets use an airflow system that works with a 0% air recirculation and a 100% air exhaust. They also offer three types of protection operator, sample and environment. B2 biosafety cabinets have a higher class of safety protection compared with A2.  


Biosafety cabinet uses

These cabinets have some great and practical features that makes the job a lot easier. They have a large LCD display, which means you have all the safety parameters at a glance and the ergonomically sized control panel improves user interface. In addition, they have a remote control, which you can use to make the operations in an easier and more convenient way. They have a 304 stainless steel workstation surrounded by negative pressure. They also come with a UV light that has an emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination. The front window is motorized and it has two layers of laminated toughened glass?5mm, anti UV. They have a foot master universal caster with brake and leveling feet. Also, keep in mind that you have to adjust front window height with the foot switch during experiments to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement. Finally, these models come with an exhaust blower centrifugal fan with adjustable speed.

There are many advantages with these models. They have a time reserve function, a HEPA filter life and UV life indicator. The automatic air speed is adjustable with filter block. They have an audio and visual alarm to alert filter replacement, window over height, abnormal airflow velocity, etc. Most accessories are standard so there is no need to pay more. There is also an interlock function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower with fluorescent lamp and blower and front window. 

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet is the premium solution for cytotoxic / antineoplastic.

Drug processing, providing the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection.

The unique demands of handling and preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy require a specialized cabinet.



  • Motorized front window.
  • Large LCD display, all information displayed.
  • Automatic air speed adjustable with filter block.
  • Side & back wall is made up of single piece stainless steel.
  • Interlock function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower, fluorescent lamp; Blower and front window.
  • Front 10°slanted to offer operator comfort while working for long time, reduce glare and maximize reach into the work area.


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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet