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Here in Kalstein we want to share our success, that’s why we are actively seeking Distributors and Independent Agents who want to belong to our sales channels.

This means that as a Kalstein Registered Distributor or Independent Agent, your organization or you, will receive a percentage as a commercial commission or a percentage of discount, for each direct sale generated. 

 Louis Pasteur


Our Distributors and Independent Agents are classified according to two main aspects:

  • Geographically (assigned region or zone)
  • By Sector of Work or Area of Specialty.

For example, there may be two Distributors or Independent Agents in the same region, divided by their area of expertise, being one for Industrial Laboratories and the other for Research Laboratories. Similarly, there may be different Distributors and Independent Agents in the various geographic regions assigned.

 Regarding the Sectors of Work or Areas of Specialty, we classify them as follows:

  • Laboratories of Quality Control (Based mainly on the Industrial Sector)
  • Laboratories of Analysis, Bioanalysis, among others (Based mainly on the Health Sector).
  • Laboratories of Research Institutes or Universities.

Currently we have availability of Geographic Areas and Areas of Work or Areas of Specialty throughout Europe.

If you or your organization wants to participate in the success that Kalstein has had for more than 25 years, becoming one of our Distributors or Independent Agents, please fill out the form below and we will be contacting you as soon as possible to present this excellent opportunity:

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