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Purchasing Process

The purchase process through e-commerce is very easy and user-friendly. You only have to follow a few steps:

1. Sign in! It is very important that you correctly submit your information because we are going to use it to verify your payment or order’s info and to make the product’s shipping. The submitted info will only be used to the product’s dispatch. They will not be used for anything else. If you want to sign in right now click HERE.

1.2 Once you have signed in in our online store you will see the following message:

Sign in!

 2. Once you have finished the signing in process you can check our store, click on the products you are interested in, read the description and if you are convinced, click the “Buy” button. Once you have added everything you want to purchase, click on “Checkout”.



3. Up next you will have to select the “Payment method” you want to use. Once you have chosen your option click on “Continue”.

Payment Method

4. Immediately you will access the “Order Confirmation” screen where you will have to check the purchase’s general info. Then click on the “I accept the conditions” and then click on the “Confirm order” button.

Orden Confirmation


At the end of this process we will send you via e-mail a thank you message with your order’s general info.

5. As soon as we get and check your payment notice the “PURCHASE MANAGEMENT” process will immediately begin according to your instructions and according to the requested products.

Order Processed


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