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Ultra Low Freezer

Manufacturer: Kalstein
Model: YR-978

Price: $ 49,000.00


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.

Capacity (Liters)


Secure the samples you need to store in ultra-low temperature freezers. Kalstein products offers the perfect combination of trust, cost-effective performance and most important: quality. We present to you the Ultra Low Freezer YR-978, the high performance freezing devices you must have in your laboratory.


Ultra low temperature freezers

Let’s get to know the general specs of these models. First, there are the installation dimensions of the  YR-978 specs are: 940x2250x1125. The total effective volume is 258L. The storage temperature ranges from -110 to -152 degrees Celsius and it weights 380Kg.


Control System

These ultra low temperature freezers work with a microprocessor-based temperature controller, where you can adjust the temperature between -110 to -152 degrees Celsius / -90 to -135 degrees Celsius /-40 to -105 degrees Celsius with a digital temperature display. It also has a keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, with a delayed start and safe stop interval function between restart and the end of the cycle. These models come with a perfect audible and visual alarm that triggers in case of a high or low temperature situation, power failure, low battery, door open, filter blocking and a general system failure. So, do not worry about its functioning when you are not around. You have the option to record the temperature values up to 7 days of data with a 72-hour back-up battery for the recorder and controller work.


Structure Design

These are stainless steel freezers in the inside and the outer body is a painted steel panel. For more comfort, both models come with 4 units of casters so that the handling process is easier. The top door of the freezer comes with a key lock, it has a rotatable assistant door handle, and it has a great insulation system with a two time foaming technology and a double seal design with 155mm extra thickness heat insulation. You should also know that it is optional to get a chart recorder, CO2 backup, storage rack/boxes and a remote alarm system.


Ultra low freezer thermometer

These ultra low temperature freezer works with the imported famous brand compressor. They have ‘Quick freezing’ options that makes almost no noise at all. Also, keep in mind that these models have a unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology. They also have a China patent technology of mixture refrigerant and an especially single stage refrigeration design. Finally, they have a VIP board install for good heat preservation.


Model: YR-978

Dimensions (DxWxH) mm: 940X2250X1125.

Total Effective Volume (L): 258.

Storage temperature (°C): - 110°C ~ -152°C.

Weight (kg): 380.


Control System:

Microprocessor-based temperature controller, -110°C~-152°C / -90°C~-135°C/-40°C~-105°C adjustable, Digital tempe rature display.

Audible and visual alarm: High or low temperature alarm, Power failure alarm,  Low battery alarm, Door open alarm, Filter blocking alarm, system failure alarm.

Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page, Delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated.

With temperature recorder, 72 hour back up battery for recorder and controller work.


Structure Design:

Stainless steel interior, outer is painted steel panel, 4units Casters for easy handing.

Rotatable assistant door handle,Top door with key lock.

Two-times foaming technology, 155mm extra thickness foaming insulation.

Optional: Chart recorder, CO2 back up system, storage racks/boxes, Remote alarm system.


Refrigeration System:

Imported famous brand compressor, Quick freezing functions, with lower noise.

Unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology.

VIP board install, for good heat preservation.


Parameters by Models

Ultra Low Freezer