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Flouresence & Chemiluminescence Imaging System

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR04967


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.




YR Series are equipped with the latest detection system and human-computer interactive program. It provides gel documentation, visible light inspection, RGB-Fluorescence and Chemilluminescence imaging application. 

YR Series are able to detect far weaker signal and offer higher sensitivity and wider linear range.

The intuitive Image Lab™ software has capabilities such as auto image capture, auto analysis, user preferences, and myriad other features, making imaging and analysis incredibly easy.


Easy to use — educators not familiar with the imager can use the system easily because there is no need for manual control of filters, lens, or lights. Create a default protocol once, then use the green button on the front of the instrument to reproducibly use these settings time and again.

Publication-quality images and completely analyzed results — get clean and smooth publication-ready images with decreased pixelation when images are cropped or zoomed. Get analyzed results, including relative molecular weights, quantitation of bands, Excel reports, PDFs, and more, within a matter of minutes
Time and space saving — obtain results faster without spending time on various steps in image acquisition and save valuable benchspace using this compact system.

Modular design and flexible options — use specific trays for specific applications. Clearly defined and color-coded trays eliminate confusion. Purchase only what you want and upgrade when your needs change.

Stain-free technology — condense your 2-hr Coomassie protocol into a 5-min stain-and-image step with this stain-free imaging system.

Parameters by Model