Biosafety Cabinets and Hoods

Laboratory Fume Hoods are equipment that maintain the air quality in these spaces, preserving the reagents and samples used there, as well as guaranteeing the integrity of the operator. At present, there is a wide variety of cloches available, and these meet specific needs, so each has a defined purpose.
These devices are forced-circulation cameras which, depending on your specifications and design, offer different levels of protection. In this article, we'll focus on laminar flow bells, which enable us to protect the product during production, and biosafety bells, which protect the product, the operator and the environment.

Types of Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods a Laboratory may need

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets are Laboratory devices that use laminar airflow to provide a sterile, particle-free environment in which to work with biological, chemical or electronic samples. These Cabinets are designed to direct a unidirectional flow of air, from the rear of the cabinet to the front, so that airborne particles are captured and removed by HEPA filters before the air is exhausted into the cabinet.

Mini cabins

Provide use to medical and health facilities, colleges and universities and other industries for regional air purification operation. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel mirror; low power consumption, high-efficiency filter; microcomputer control, adjustable air speed. This Clean Bench is the essential equipment for carrying out biotechnology research and experimentation, widely used in the medical, academic and other industries. Provides air purification for the work area.

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There are a myriad of models out there, so it's only natural that you're unsure which Biological Safety Cabins to buy to meet your needs.
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Double Person Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05267

Widely used in medical, college and other industries. provide air purification for the working area; is the essential equipment...


Laminar Flow Cabinet (Double person) YR05267-1

R series (double people) Laminar Flow Cabinet combined with perfect airflow mechanical design for the operator...


Single Person Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05266

Can choose horizontal and vertical flow, single people single side; Mirror stainless steel, corrosion-resistant; low consumption


Laminar Flow Cabinet YR05269-2

Provide use for medical and health institutions, colleges and universities and other industries for the operation...


Our best-selling Cabinets and Biological Safety Hood

Analysis of the best Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods for your Laboratory

Safety levels in a Biological Safety Cabinet

The biological safety cabinet represents a primary containment barrier that allows safe work with biological agents...


What you did not know about a Biosafety Cabinet?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the German scientist Robert Koch constructed the first ‘bio-containment..


Biosafety cabinet for working with COVID-19?

The Biological Safety Cabinet represents a primary containment barrier that allows working safely with biological...


Standards and compliance of the biological safety cabinet 

Safety is an important issue in all work environments, and one of the most well-known in laboratories is the ful...


Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods

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Flow Bells

In scientific, pharmaceutical and clinical applications, it's essential to have spaces free of bacteria or micro-organisms...

Laboratory Bells: Differences

Laboratory fume hoods are fundamental components in the operation of this space to maintain air quality...

Gas extraction bells: what types

Gas extraction bells are equipment designed for the protection of the user, against chemical exposures and dangerous...

Horizontal and Vertical Laminar Flow Bells: what kind of lab are they needed in?

The laminar flow bells are equipment created to maintain absolute control of the environment within the laboratory, when subjected to specific treatments of the air, allowing to create areas with strict control of suspended particles, and in this way, avoid any contamination both internal and external.

Video of our Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods in operation

In this section, you can find, Biological Safety Cabinet and Hood in operation, packed, reception service, etc...

Operational Biological Safety Cabinet and Hood

- UV lamp for sterilization.
- Flexible touch control panel, LCD display.
- Energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise.
- With memory function in case of power failure.
- Stable, easy-to-clean 304 stainless steel workpiece.
- Stable airflow system; providing firm protection for people and the environment.

Frequently asked questions about Biological Safety Cabinets and Hoods

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