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Vertical Pressure Autoclave

Sterilizing laboratory equipment or any surgical instruments, is a key step in any medical process. Sterilization is probably the most important stage or aspect when it comes to the formation of a laboratory or any medical facility. That is why; the vertical pressure autoclave is very common in hospitals health care, dental clinic, laboratory and even food industry for the sterilization of instruments. About sterilization, you should know that a reliable process depends on the contact of the sterilizing agent with all surfaces of the item that is going to be sterilized.

In case you are wondering how an autoclave works, you should know that this device is just a large steel vessel in which steam is circulated to sterilize things. Vertical pressure autoclaves work by the principle of high pressure, making these devices self-sealing, although there are a few models you can close manually for safety reasons. Since autoclaves work with high-pressure steam, they have a safety valve that ensures the steam pressure cannot build up to a dangerous level.

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