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Paraffin Trimmer/Dispenser

Paraffin is a very important consumable in any histology laboratory. This item has become in the essential lab supply when it comes to Microtomy and sample sectioning. The reason is that paraffin wax is useful to impregnate tissue prior to sectioning thin samples of tissue. The process begins when the water is removed from tissue through ascending strengths of alcohol and the tissue is cleared in an organic solvent such as xylene. After this, the tissue is placed in paraffin wax for a number of hours and then set in a mold with wax to cool and solidify. The final process is when you cut the sections on a microtome. The paraffin trimmer removes the excess paraffin from embedding cassettes safely and with ease by sliding it across the heated surface. The melted paraffin drains into the removable catch basin below without making a mess of paraffin shavings.

Paraffin wax cuts are a very delicate area in a histology lab. Most specialists recommend adjusting the right temperature from the cooling plates, in order to cool the paraffin blocks, so that they do not get any cracks in the cutting process. When a paraffin block is completely cracked, it becomes a useless sample.

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