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Cooling Plate

The cooling process is an essential step in every histology lab, because it is a fundamental procedure in order to make good quality paraffin blocks cutting. It is almost impossible to make good cuts without doing the cooling process. By using the cooling plates to cool off the paraffin blocks, it creates a drastic improvement and it makes the cutting a lot easier. These facts speed up the process and helps to save time for the lab operators.

An interesting fact about this process is that the cold wax allows the operator to make thinner sections, which you will get by providing support for harder elements within the tissue specimen. Maybe you are wondering why does cooling the paraffin blocks makes the process easier. Well, it turns out that when a small amount of moisture from the melting ice penetrates the block makes the tissue a lot easier to cut.

Paraffin wax cuts are a very delicate area in a histology lab. Most specialists recommend adjusting the right temperature from the cooling plates, in order to cool the paraffin blocks, so that they do not get any cracks in the cutting process. When a paraffin block is completely cracked, it becomes a useless sample.

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