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Biochemistry incubators

Biochemistry incubators have terrific features that guarantees the safety and quality of the cultures you want to maintain. They widely are used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, public health, agriculture and many more; they are special equipment to cultivate organisms for scientific research and examining, especially the chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Incubators are very common in the research and the industry field and they have a wide variety of applications with living organisms.

Since cell cultures and microorganisms need to be incubated in a controlled atmosphere, you must have the right incubator type in order to achieve reliable and satisfying results. Incubators have a number of applications in the medical and biology fields. First, you use them for growing cell cultures, reproduce germ colonies with subsequent germ count in the food industry. There is also the Reproduction of germ colonies and subsequent determination of biochemical oxygen demand (wastewater monitoring). In the microbiology field, incubators are useful for the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast or viruses. Finally, in the zoology field incubators are good for breeding of insects and hatching of eggs in zoology.

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