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Fume Hood

The personnel that continuously work in your laboratory need to have the proper safety conditions, in order to protect them from any hazardous tasks. Fume Hoods are especially designed to limit the exposure to toxic fumes, vapors or dusts when it comes to a laboratory workflow. A bench top fume hood guarantees safe laboratory conditions at all times. These devices are built for maximum chemical resistance with clear sashes that can slide horizontally or vertically into place and support high working visibility.

There are other safety features about a regular fume hood. They are often a large piece of enclosed equipment that creates working area. They are leak-proof, which means that their enclosures will not corrode even with heavy routine use and corrosive spills. The chemical fume hoods circulate and filter air to eliminate possible vapors produced. These bench top fume hoods are located in a flat and stable surface that allows you to work on them without any problem.

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