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Walk-in Fume Hood

Containment spaces are fundamental in any kind of laboratory. A fume hood is one of the most common ones in every field, because it is a ventilated enclosure that contains gases, vapors and fumes. Another key factor about fume hoods is that they have an exhaust fan on the top of the laboratory building that is able to pull air and airborne contaminants through connected ductwork and then exhausts them to the atmosphere. A walk in fume hood is an excellent option if your laboratory requires a containment space for large equipment.

When you read “Walk-in” you might think that we are talking about spaces that allow lab’s personnel or user to walk in and out of the fume. Well, that is not the case. Walk-in fume hoods are bench hoods that reach the floor allowing users and lab’s personnel to walk in and out only to set up the equipment before and after the work begins. You should know that there is a number of factors that you need to consider when ordering your walk-in fume hood.  The first thing is the floor design; issues associated with air flow at floor level—specifically walking, deflected currents, and air leakage under doors—must be taken into consideration.

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