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Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Laminar Flow Clean Bench is the containment unit you need to have in your laboratory in order to handle particle contamination. There is a definition you must keep in mind and that is that Laminar airflow is the air moving at the same speed and in the same direction, with no or minimal crossover of air streams (or “lamina”). Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench units’ goal is to prevent the contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples or any particle sensitive materials.

These clean benches provide and guarantee the cleanest (and most germ-free) area that will always be the upstream area closest to the filter face. That means that work will always be performed in that clean zone, as far as possible from obstructions that create turbulence. Maybe you are wondering why it is necessary to have these laminar flow clean benches and the answer is very simple. Most contamination-sensitive environments such as dust-free hoods require laminar flow because it predictably sweeps particles in a uniform direction, from the cleanest area under the hood (the filter face) to the exit area, which is generally the sash opening or vents along the back or bottom of the hood.

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