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Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

One of the most important tests in pharmaceutical industry is cytotoxicity test in order to screen compounds. There are a couple of goals researches can achieve, they can either look for cytotoxic compounds, if they are interested in developing a therapy that targets rapidly dividing cancer cells, or they can screen "hits" from initial high-throughput drug screens for unwanted cytotoxic effects before investing in their development as a pharmaceutical.

Cytotoxic Safety Cabinets are meant to perform drug processing in therapeutic solutions. They provide the highest level of patient, pharmacist and environmental protection. Biological containment demands preparing cytotoxic drugs for use in chemotherapy, that is why cytotoxic safety cabinet are much needed. In this matter, you should know that since cytotoxic drugs cannot be inactivated by chemical decontamination, Class II biosafety cabinets should not be used.

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