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Sample testing and microbiology labs require having inoculating loops in order to be able to transfer microscopic microorganisms. This is a common tool between microbiologists. In the medical field, loops are also known as smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker. This tool is a fundamental item when it comes to working with cultures. Cultivation of microbes on plates and then transferring them is also another important loops application.

Loops are formed with a wire with a very small diameter, depending on the model. There are several tip materials such as platinum, tungsten or nichrome. The sterilization method for loops is by flaming it or with another heat source until it becomes hot before and after each use. You can repeat this action with the same loop in different experiments and you will not need to worry about cross-contamination. You should know that after flame sterilization, you need to cool down the loop so that the next cells that touches the loop will not get killed by the hot metal.

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