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In the case of blood sample and serum storage in laboratories, the ideal disposable items to have are microtubes. These recipients are useful in centrifugation processes, boiling sample, different types of researches and more. Kalstein products offers you the guarantee that you will not have any more worries about the sample storage inside your laboratory. Can you imagine a workflow without any leaks and without evaporations? You can stop imagining it because we are making it real for you, with the purchase of these microtubes.

In case you are wondering about these tubes material, they are disposable polypropylene microtubes, that means that this tubes main material is a thermoplastic that has a high resistant to temperatures due to its melting point of 130 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the models we are offering you are ultra-clear plastic microtubes. That means that storing these items is not going to be a problem for those who handle samples and have to run them through inspections in a laboratory. With this feature, you are going to have a great look at your samples without having to open the lid.