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How to choose the right biochemical analyzer? by TecnoMaster Topic: Analyzer
A biochemical analyzer is a laboratory equipment, which has among its functions to measure the level in blood or other body fluid, of analytes such as glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, proteins and enzymes.
Expected: Tuesday 28 January, 2020
How does a stethoscope work? by TecnoMaster Topic: estetoscopio
The stethoscope is an acoustic device that amplifies body noise to achieve its best perception and therefore the integration of various signs, which are mainly auscultated in the heart, lungs and abdomen and also called a stethoscope, currently the most used stethoscopes are the littmann, is an acou...
Expected: Thursday 30 January, 2020

Learning to use your biological safety cabinet

The biological safety cabinet is a device designed to control aerosols and microparticles associated with the handling of biological material, potentially toxic or infectious.

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Dengue: bone breaker fever

Dengue is endemic in tropical regions of the world, at latitudes from around 35 ° north to 35 ° south. Outbreaks are more prevalent in Southeast Asia but may also appear in the Caribbean, as in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Oceania and the Indian subcontinent; more recently the incidence ...

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Risk factors associated with chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis (CP) describes a wide range of progressive fibroinflammatory diseases of the exocrine pancreas that can lead to damage to the gland. The generalization of the damage causes the insufficiency of the exocrine and endocrine functions of the pancreas, which requires treatment. In th...

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Do you know what laser lipolysis is?

Laser lipolysis or also called laser fiber laser lipolysis, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine procedures worldwide. Fat deposits can develop in various regions of the body. These regions generally persist despite eating well and exercising, which contributes...

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Do you know what Sjögren's syndrome is?

It is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes dryness, particularly in the eyes and mouth. In autoimmune diseases the immune system does not function properly and attacks healthy tissues, causing damage and inflammation.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning

CO is a toxic gas generated in the burning of fuel. The sources of CO in the home are boilers and central heating systems, kitchens and grills, grills, homes and fireplaces. It is necessary that the owners of these devices have them checked by registered technicians, who follow the recommended instr...

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The anesthesia machine, a whole invention

Becoming familiar with the anesthesia apparatus for the anesthesiologist is one of its basic tasks, for which it requires not only knowing its operation, but the basic characteristics of its components being in accordance with safety standards, being the main work area of the anesthesiologist and at...

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Tips para el funcionamiento del Lector de ELISA

Un analizador de ELISA es un espectrofotómetro especializado, diseñado para efectuar la lectura de los resultados de esta técnica la cual se utiliza para determinar la presencia de anticuerpos o antígenos específicos presentes en una muestra. La técnica se basa en la detección de un antígeno...

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Tips for the functioning of the ELISA Reader

An ELISA analyzer is a specialized spectrophotometer, designed to read the results of this technique which is used to determine the presence of antibodies or specific antigens present in a sample. The technique is based on the detection of an antigen immobilized on a solid phase, by means of antibod...

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How to keep your spectrophotometer?

The spectrophotometer, built using advanced manufacturing processes, is one of the main diagnostic and research instruments developed by humans. It is used in the laboratory in order to determine the concentration of a substance in a solution, thus allowing quantitative analysis.

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