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UK invests £146m in medicine research by TecnoMaster Topic: News
The British government is to invest £146m in discovering new medicines, in a bid to help the UK become a world leader in life sciences. Earlier this year the UK said it would put £1bn over the next four years into boosting science and technology.
Expected: Wednesday 19 December, 2018
Superbiotecnología: Las aplicaciones más impresionantes by TecnoMaster Topic: News
La biotecnología es una rama bastante novedosa, pero al mismo tiempo muy clásica, de la biología y sus disciplinas. Tiene sus fundamentos en la tecnología que estudia y aprovecha los mecanismos e interacciones biológicas de los seres vivos, en especial los microorganismos. Debido a su especial ...
Expected: Wednesday 19 December, 2018
Alerta Mundial: Las Metalocarbapenemasas by TecnoMaster Topic: Autoclaves
Los genes de las MBLs pueden ser transportados en cassettes dentro de integrones, transposones, plásmidos, elementos denominados regiones comunes (CRs) que pueden o no ser transferibles, o estar insertos en el cromosoma, lo que le confiere a ciertas especies bacterianas, resistencia intrínseca a l...
Expected: Wednesday 19 December, 2018
World Alert: Metallo-β-lactamases by TecnoMaster Topic: Autoclaves
The genes of the MBL can be transported in cassettes within integrons, transposons, plasmids, elements called common regions (CRs) that may or may not be transferable, or be inserted into the chromosome, which confers to certain bacterial species, intrinsic resistance to the carbapenems0
Expected: Thursday 20 December, 2018

How Much Do You Know About A Microscope?

One of the most common an important devices inside any kind of laboratory is the microscope. This ancient instrument has become a fundamental device to have in the biological and medical field. There are different types of microscopes. To choose the appropriate microscope according to your needs, it...

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Software Allows Creates Taste 50,000 Enzymes A Day.

Enzymes are proteins that are responsible for accelerating all chemical processes of organisms or living structures. Their process is complete and absolutely catalyst because each and every one of the reactions to be conducted and processed in a living being needs their presence, it is why everythin...

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Do You Know What Type Of Autoclave Do You Need?

The sterilization process is a critical aspect of any kind of laboratory. You need to have the right sterilizing instruments in order to have reliable and good results. Autoclaves are ideal instruments for this purpose. This equipment works with a pressure chamber to perform sterilization in the med...

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How to Choose the Right Oven

Good performance is vital for laboratories. Having the proper equipment to perform activities such as routine applications is a key factor for success. Among the equipment needed to perform these tasks, drying and heating ovens are one of the most important basic equipment required.

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Water Purification Systems

Water is one of the most common ingredients in laboratories and in our everyday life. In the case of scientific fields and in researches, water is commonly used as a solvent, which means that is used for cleaning. Besides, is the basis for cell cultures, buffers and reagents. As everything inside yo...

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Despite the scientific and medical progress achieved up to date, the development of a cell capable of replicating the information present in the DNA seemed to be just a fantasy. However, a group of researchers belonging to the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology and Delft University of Technology (Nether...

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Sterilization and its process in the laboratory

It is important to apply sterilization and disinfection techniques in any laboratory. Both processes are equally important. There is an important difference between them: sterilization kills and/or removes all classes of microorganisms and spores based on physical agents; disinfection is a chemical ...

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Mother Cells Will Be Able To Be Transported At Long Distances.

Researches about the cellular regeneration of damaged tissue or limb require an increasing number of mother cells. However, the care that these cells require when they are taken out of the laboratory where they were processed, are really demanding, so many times when the distance between the hospita...

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Features and uses of the Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

A magnetic stirrer is a device used to create a rotating magnetic field. The magnetic stirrer creates a rotating field based on a rotating magnet bar or a plate containing the rotating magnet. In general, the bar magnet is coated with plastic and plate contains a rotating magnet. It is possible to c...

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Functional cure for HIV created

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in the world more than 34 Millions of people have contracted HIV (immune deficiency Virus acquired) in recent years. However, it has not been able to be found its cure up to now. Retrovirals have allowed the infected to keep the virus "controlled" i...

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