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Importance to have a High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

High capacity refrigerated centrifuges should be operated by trained personnel only.

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Walk-in Fume Hood for Laboratories

Before using a fume hood, we recommend you to make sure that you understand how the hood works.

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Choosing a Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

We recommend you to choose a clean bench with a vertical laminar flow design if your laboratory’s floor space is at a premium. Maybe you are wondering why. Because this configuration stacks the fan/filter module on top of the hood, a vertical laminar flow hood can generally be installed on a stand...

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Convinient Mini Laminar Flow Clean Bench for your lab

Laminar Flow Clean Bench is the containment unit you need to have in your laboratory in order to handle particle contamination. There is a definition you must keep in mind and that is that Laminar airflow is the air moving at the same speed and in the same direction, with no or minimal crossover of ...

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Safety Cabinets for Cytotoxic Laboratory Studies

A cytotoxic safety cabinet is the product you need when it comes to having toxic to cells cabinets. Immune cells are an example of this case. These cabinets also come in handy to assess cell membrane integrity is one of the most common ways to measure cell viability and cytotoxic effects, making the...

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what you did not know about a biosafety cabinet

You should know that these biosafety cabinets protect the operator and the environment from any biohazards exposure, but they do not protect samples from coming into contact with airborne contaminants that may be present in room air. That is why there is a risk of cross-contamination that might affe...

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Know about the importance of the right Bench Top Fume Hood

The personnel that continuously work in your laboratory need to have the proper safety conditions, in order to protect them from any hazardous tasks. Fume Hoods are especially designed to limit the exposure to toxic fumes, vapors or dusts when it comes to a laboratory workflow. A bench top fume hood...

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Using Electronic Balances

There are different kinds of balances; in this case, we are presenting you with the electronic ones. These devices are used for measuring samples from .01 mg (0.0001 g) to 1 g readability. Electronic balances must deliver accurate results with a great amount of precision.

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Using vertical pressure autoclaves in your lab

The vertical pressure autoclave is very common in hospitals health care, dental clinic, laboratory and even food industry for the sterilization of instruments. About sterilization, you should know that a reliable process depends on the contact of the sterilizing agent with all surfaces of the item t...

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Use plastic slide boxes to keep everything organized in your lab

Keeping everything organized; clean and secure is the key to run a reliable laboratory. One of the most used devices in that area is the microscope. This is a crucial factor to ha reliable results when it comes to running tests.

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