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Effects of fires in Australia in South America

In addition to causing deaths, destroying homes and devastating wildlife and ecosystems in Australia, forest fires in that country expel a huge amount of pollutants that affect air quality and this, in turn, has a harmful impact on health. , warned the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The UN...

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What are Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes?

They are inherited connective tissue disorders of varying severity. They are characterized by fragility of the skin, joint hypermobility and rupture of blood vessels and internal organs

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What is a thermal cycler?

The thermal cycler or thermal sequencer is a device that allows polymerase chain reaction (PCR) efficiently and quickly, by automatic and cyclic realization of the temperature changes that are required for the amplification of a deoxyribonucleic acid chain ( DNA), from a thermostable enzyme.

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Do you know what the clinical utility of blood tubes is?

The objective of the clinical laboratory is to obtain information about the health status of a person. This information can be used to establish a diagnosis, evaluate an evolution and / or prognosis of a disease, assess the effectiveness of a treatment, perform a screening in a population.

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The hematological analyzer: A great medical innovation

The knowledge about the pathophysiological changes that accompany the health-disease process reached by the medical sciences during the second half of the 20th century was vertiginous.

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How does a turbidimeter work?

Turbidity is one of the parameters that define the degree to which water loses its transparency quality as a consequence of the suspended solids particles found in it.

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The centrifuge: an essential element

A centrifuge is an apparatus that applies a sustained centrifugal force (that is, a force produced by rotation) to impel matter out of the center of rotation.

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How to correctly install your optical microscope?

The microscope is an instrument that allows observing objects that are not perceptible to the human eye. This is achieved by an optical system composed of lenses, which form and amplify the image of the object being observed.

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The operating room and LED lamps

Un quirófano es un conjunto de secciones estructurales, cuya operación está directamente relacionada con el funcionamiento de las salas de cirugía, ya que proporciona al personal médico especializado, que está integrado por cirujanos y sus asistentes, la infraestructura, equipos e instrumental...

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What advantages does an automated urine test offer?

The urine test is among the oldest tests in medicine, recognizing that its physical and chemical properties constitutes important indicators of health status, positioning itself as a valuable test of the anatomical and functional integrity of the kidneys that is readily available for clinical doctor...

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