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Do you know what laser lipolysis is?

Laser lipolysis or also called laser fiber laser lipolysis, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine procedures worldwide. Fat deposits can develop in various regions of the body. These regions generally persist despite eating well and exercising, which contributes to the disproportionate appearance. 


What does it consist of?

Laser lipolysis emulsifies fat very quickly and dissolves adipose tissue, giving a new shape to the body contour and creating a thinner appearance. Laser lipolysis can be done alone, but it can also be done with other procedures such as abdomen surgery or tummy tuck. It is an effective treatment for cellulite or obesity. People who consider having a laser lipolysis should be healthy and have relatively good physical condition, have firm and elastic skin and good muscle tone, and be within 30% of their ideal weight.

Laser lipolysis is one of the most modern procedures today, this technique allows the body to be molded in a single transfer and managed to emulsify up to 8 liters of fat allowing to reduce measures in the way that is effective and safe for the patient since it has no physical disability Additionally, the light of the laser equipment stimulates and activates the skin's appearance, achieving a tightening of the skin avoiding sagging, it has the best safety protocol before, during and after the procedure, avoiding scars, tears and localized adiposities.

What are its advantages?

•Less pain.

• No bruising.

• No bleeding.

• Immediate Recovery.

• Shorter procedure time more than half the time than normal liposuction.

• More areas to be treated in a single surgery (results in a single session)

• More real fat extracted up to 5 liters in a single session.

• Immediate emulsification of adipose tissue in only 4 min without altering other tissues.

• Skin retraction for a professional result.

• 100% effective and safe Ambulatory procedure.

•    High performance.

Laser lipolysis replaces conventional liposuction because it offers a lower risk for the patient, providing a spectacular result in the reduction and body shaping without internally tearing the tissues. There are protocols that are born from the same professionals in the area where even some of these specialists after emulsifying fat prefer not to suck the fat if it is not gradually eliminated by the body's metabolism, obviously this protocol is longer and patients sometimes want miracles, that is why many specialists prefer through a suction pump to extract up to 2 liters of fat in an emulsification time of only 5 minutes in large areas such as the abdomen.

What are the results of laserlipolysis?

It is very likely that you can return to work in a few days and continue your daily activities. You may notice an improvement in your appearance in a very short time after the procedure. And you can see an even greater improvement within four to six weeks after the procedure. The final results will probably be noticed in about 6 weeks. Although fat cells are permanently removed from the treatment area during this procedure, it is important to know that the lipolysis laser does not prevent weight gain. To maintain the results of the procedure, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain your quality of life.

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