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Double Beam UV/VIS

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR01863


YR01863 Double Beam UV/VIS                

YR01863 series are wide screen double beam spectrophotometer.They adopt double beam long light path design to ensure the stability and accuracy; They are the best choice of high quality spectrophotometers.


Light path design: double beam

YR01863 series’ double light path design can prevent circuit fluctuation and stray light to ensure stability of the instrument.

Powerful software functions

Multi functions like spectrum scanning, standard curve, kinetics, multi wavelength scanning,DNA/Protein testing can be operated directly on the pc.

Long path light design

YR01863 series’ unique 520mm long light path design greatly improved resolution and the bandwidth can reach 0.5nm.

Multi functions on Spectrophotometer

Multi functions operated directly on the spectrophotometer and display the test results’ curve and data: wavelength scanning, standard curve, kinetics, multi wavelength scanning, DNA/Ptotein test.

16mm optical base

YR01863 series use a rigid 16mm diecast aluminim base as their optical mount to ensure the stability and reliability.

Perfect calibration system

All baseline, wavelength ,dark current can be calibrated automatically to keep good running conditions.

6 inches LCD display

YR01863 series have a 6 inches LCD display to show results and curves directly on the screen.

Data output

YR01863 series are equipped with USB port to connect with a PC, the softwore comes standard with the instrument.


Technical Specification