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Mini Cabins

Numerous procedures take place inside a laboratory. Some of them need a larger space and some of the need the appropriate one in order to accomplish quality work. Mini vertical laminar flow bench is a very small foot print type of unit that is very common and easy to locate in any laboratory. You should know that this laminar flow clean bench model provides product protection.

Working with clean benches requires knowing a thing or two about these devices, in order to use them correctly inside the laboratory. This way you are going to get the best out of it. In addition, you will avoid any problems or damages in your workflow. As you may know by now, clean bench provides with product protection since it ensures that the work in the bench is exposed only to HEPA-filtered air. We recommend you to not work with hazardous materials where clean, particle-free air quality is required inside the clean bench. You must always remember that these devices do not provide protection to personnel or to the ambient environment. Moreover, these clean benches are not designed to contain aerosols generated by the procedure; the user is exposed to these aerosols.

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