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There are common and basic instruments that a laboratory need. Performing experiments, testing samples, spinning tubes and many more procedures require to have handling instruments such as serological pipettes. These items are frequently used in the laboratory field in order to measure small milliliter volumes of liquid from less than 1 ml to up to 50 ml. You need to have the ideal pipettes in your laboratory stock, in order to make sure your experiments, researches and testing have reliable results.

A pipette is a very common laboratory tool in chemistry, biology and medicine fields. They are used to transport a measured volume of liquid as a media dispenser. There are several purposes for different kinds of pipettes including different accuracy and precision levels. Pipettes may range from a single piece pipettes to complex adjustable and electronic pipettes. For example, you can use a single channel pipette if your source and destination containers are small, such as twist-top, flip-cap, or conical tubes. However, because single channel pipettes are typically compact in size, they are versatile and can be used with troughs, or 96-/384-well plates.