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Culture plate

Manufacturer: Kalstein
European Certification
Model: YR1224


Please see in the table below the technical parameters for the available models.



Cultures in a laboratory are an important part of a daily bases routine. The correct storage and organization of samples, allows a more comfortable work environment due to the importance of these swaps and cultures in laboratories. Samples of any kind need to be placed in a safe plate, so that the results can be reliable. The right culture plate is necessary and ideal for serology work, microbiology work, sample storage and transportation. This culture plate is manufactured from virgin Polystyrene, so that every dish is reliable and trustworthy. Polystyrene is suitable for all kinds of thermoformed packaging, providing the necessary safety for cultures.

These plates have Management System EN ISO13485, which guarantees a quality management system of developing and production of medical devices. Besides, they have SOPs and 100,000-grade clean-room guarantee quality. These culture plates have the CE marked in accordance with European Directive 98/79/EC.

On the other hand, these culture plates are for in vitro use only, which means that they are strictly to perform tests with microorganisms, cells, or biological molecules outside their normal biological context.

Avoiding contamination is crucial when you run any kind of tests in a laboratory. That is why these culture plates have rings on the lid, so that if the samples are going to be moved from one place to another, there is no spills, in that way any unwanted material is going to be able to contaminate the specimen. Besides, the rims on the tubes are well raised, so that the risk of contamination in the tube and outside of it will not be a problem.

Very often, laboratories are stocked with a lot of samples, devices and culture plates. These ones are ideal for easy storage and identification, because of its alphanumeric labelling, which will allow identifying the sample in a very organized way. In addition, the frosting area will permit to mark on it and still be able to look at the sample.



There are five types of culture plates available, in order to fulfill the needs in the area. There is a Culture Plate 6-well, with Flat Bottom; a Culture Plate 24-well with Flat Bottom; a Culture Plate 96-well, with Flat Bottom; a Culture Plate 96-well, with V Bottom and a Culture Plate 96-well, with U Bottom; all of them with their lids.

  • Ideal for Serology work,Microbiology work,Sample storage and transportation.
  • Manufactured from virgin Polystyrene assuring confidence to every dish.
  • Management System EN ISO13485 with SOPs and 100,000grade clean-room guarantee quality.
  • CE marked in accordance with European Directive 98/79/EC.
  • Invitro use only.
  • Rings on the lid and raised well rims on the base helping minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • Alphanumeric labelling  and Frosting Area for easy sample identification.


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Culture Plate