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Class I Biosafety Cabinets

There are numerous of risk factors involved in the daily basis routine in any kind of laboratory. Therefore, the lab’s personnel need to be on constant watch and care of every activity that is done in the laboratory. Risk factors can be high voltages, high and low pressures and temperatures, corrosive and toxic chemicals, and biohazards including infective organisms and their toxins. That is why Biosafety Cabinets are fundamental devices inside the laboratory.

Class I Biosafety Cabinets provide personnel and environmental protection inside the laboratory. They have the most basic and rudimentary design among all of the biological safety cabinetry that is available in the market. The way they work is when a stream of inward air moves into the cabinet with aerosols during microbiological manipulations, then passes through a filtration system trapping all airborne particles and contaminants. The process finishes when decontaminated air is exhausted from the cabinet.

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