Muffles in which type of laboratory are used?


Muffle is a equipment used for high temperature tests for various purposes, such as heat treatment, calcining tests, incineration of organic and inorganic samples and cooking of ceramic materials, among others.

These equipment are used in laboratories for substance calcination, substance drying, casting and control processes. Also, for thermal treatments of hardening and cleaning injection molds. It is a very versatile and useful team in the industry.

Structure of the Muflas

It is a equipment made with refractory materials, inside has a small observation hole corresponding to the cooking chamber, to introduce probes, to check and record temperatures. In the upper inner (ceiling), there is a space where gases come out of the chamber. The walls of the oven are also made of thermal materials and insulation.

This oven is used when it is required to reach temperatures above 350 °C. It should be noted that only special materials such as a porcelain crucible, quartz or stainless high quality, can be introduced to withstand high temperatures, because the furnace can reach 1800 °C., and the conditions of the atmosphere, which it can generate in the process.

In this sense, muffles fulfill the function of an oven, but allowing monitoring and determining the conditions of samples at high temperatures, safely, consists of certain characteristics, such as: 

  • Internal Camera: Made of aluminum and silica to resist high temperatures.
  • Heating elements: it works to evenly distribute the temperature, and sits inside the camera.
  • Thermocouple: Sensor that indicates the temperature at which the camera is located.
  • Timer: Schedule the working time in which the muffle will operate.
  • Temperature control: This is usually PID type to avoid temperature spikes, it serves to program the temperature. The controls are analog and have a wider margin of error.
  • Security switch: This one, it’s on the door that gives access to the camera; it works by cutting off the power supply so that the temperature decreases.

Therefore, it is evident that the muffles have their essential parts and their structure, where the sample and the control system are introduced. 

Functions of Muffles in Laboratories

In the laboratory, the muffle are used for gravimetric analysis, where it determines the elements and proportions in which they compose a sample, because the steps involve drying and calcining the waste.

The muffle is a high temperature equipment composed of a closed chamber, which is covered by refractory material, which allows a uniform heat delivery inside, reaching temperatures up to 1.700°C. 

The muffle control, allows monitoring and regulating the temperature at all times, becomes then the ideal instrument to work in the laboratories, which allows metal materials to be calcined through the thermal energy at high temperatures, reducing the risk without compromising its operation. 

The muffle must always be used indoors, with an ambient temperature between 15°C and 40°C and an average relative humidity of 80%. If these conditions are not met, the temperature range and stability of the equipment may be adversely affected, in addition to incurring a danger to the laboratory workers.

It is recommended that at the time of use, the operator should wear the appropriate clothing, such as gloves and apron, then verify that the muffle is properly connected to the power source, and thus load the samples that are to be processed. In addition, safety protocols must be complied with, so that the laboratory personnel, are not located in the vicinity of the equipment without the protections mentioned above.

In order to maximize the service life of the laboratory muffle, the following maintenance should be performed:

  • External maintenance periodically with non-abrasive solution.
  • Check the electrical system in the lab
  • Do not connect the muffle to multiple electrical connections leading to overheating
  • Leave at least 15 centimeters around the equipment allowing heat to circulate
  • Calibrate once a year to correct gaps.

Taking into account, the above recommendations, the management within the laboratories is simple. 

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